Feel the flow of being. Our newest designs are formed by experience, polished by emotion, transformed on a whim. Creating images of a riverbed in your head, they allow for the signs of the time. MORPHOSE is unfinished – everyday life erodes, movement shapes. Everything is in motion, an eternal becoming and changing, it is perfectly imperfect.

ONOA ring from CHF 219.00
AROYO big earrings from CHF 249.00
AROYO cuff from CHF 399.00
ONOA necklace from CHF 259.00
YERERA small ring from CHF 219.00
LOON bangle from CHF 139.00
YERERA big ring from CHF 229.00
LOON small earrings from CHF 109.00
AROYO small earrings from CHF 219.00
LOON big earrings from CHF 129.00
ONOA earrings from CHF 189.00
FLEM earrings from CHF 99.00