Inspired by eroded driftwood, stranded in a riverbed after a long journey, the pieces of our new collection appear in flowing, spontaneous shapes. Rough textures bend to gentle curves - both have borne witness to the passage of time. Handcrafted from recycled silver or gold, the jewelry continues to follow the traces of life in contact with the human body.

ELV earrings from CHF 140.00
AJUN necklace from CHF 210.00
EIRA duo earrings from CHF 235.00
LUMI small earrings from CHF 150.00
MOA ring from CHF 235.00
LUMI big earrings from CHF 170.00
EIRA solo earrings from CHF 160.00
LUMI ring from CHF 145.00
LUMI cuff from CHF 250.00
MOA necklace from CHF 225.00
MOA cuff from CHF 390.00
AJUN earrings from CHF 235.00
MOA earrings from CHF 215.00
KAYU ring from CHF 230.00
MIRU ring from CHF 175.00
MOA brooch from CHF 190.00