Smooth, round and almost perfect - the stones of Iceland’s coast turn into a source of inspiration. The shapes of the PEBBLES designs are uneven in their smoothness, as though polished, yet still organic. As if crafted by nature herself, the pieces nestle against our bodies.
FAY ring from CHF 179.00
OVAL LEAF earrings from CHF 189.00
OPIA ring from CHF 219.00
JOA ring from CHF 209.00
LEAF earrings from CHF 169.00
ALVA ring from CHF 159.00
LALARIA bangle from CHF 259.00
PEBBLE earrings from CHF 159.00
SWINGING PEBBLE earrings from CHF 189.00
LALARIA necklace from CHF 259.00
JOA bangle from CHF 349.00
JULIA ring from CHF 139.00
SOLEY ring from CHF 189.00
SALINA necklace from CHF 279.00
MOONLIGHT earrings from CHF 169.00
SOLEY necklace from CHF 279.00
SOLEY cuff from CHF 259.00